Ryan Daum NYE DJ Mix

Ryan Daum is one of my favourite dj’s and a big influence on my musical education. He ¬†introduced me to incredible artists, record labels, detroit techno, and dark electro music.

“NYE 2017 mix. Eclectic acidic electro, bass music, techno. Just for fun.

First mix I’ve recorded in about 17 years. So a little sloppy & raw. All done the sort-of old fashioned way on turntables, no edits. Everything is new, 2017 tracks, except 2 of my own tracks, which are from 15 years ago.” – Ryan Daum

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John Rolodex – Summer ’97 Forever

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“On March 14th, 2016 we will be releasing the first part of a trilogy of remastered John Rolodex tracks. This material was originally released between 2002 and 2005 and most of it was only available on vinyl. Each track is receiving a brand new, laborious channel mixdown followed by mastering from the scientist known as Marc Royal (T.Power) using state-of-the art, weapons-grade machinery. The music will be available directly from us EXCLUSIVELY. And because we love you, we will only be charging one dollar per release.

News about a John Rolodex album comprised of previously-unreleased (and new music) will follow. There will also be a handful of tour dates beginning in the September. (Serious inquiries welcome)

Thank you all very much!


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Cities Aviv – STILL feat. Bizzarh [prod. by Alexander Odell]

Unique hip hop that builds up slowly until it drops into a tight breakbeat with deep sub bass.


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Drum & Bass / Techstep music I am working on

Synoflex – The March

Hopefully this track will be finished and released sometime in the near future.

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It’s About Time Mix

It’s About Time Mix by Synoflex on Mixcloud

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Beastie Boys – The New Style


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Synoflex Drum & Bass Playlist

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TOTAL RECALL 2012 remake – Official Trailer

One of my favourite movies ever has been remade. Although Paul Verhoeven is a genius and no one can ever come close to his original “Total Recall” and “Robocop”, this remake looks decent enough!

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Synoflex – untitled

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