A computer program

  I remember when I was a young teenager I would write very interesting short stories. One that I was always fond of was a story entitled “A Systematic Error”. It was a very surreal dream like story. It was a tale of a person that eventually realized that he was a computer program. 
  It makes me think about how our lives are programmed from a very young age to be a part of society and not really question our programming. For the most part our bodies and minds are trained when to wake, eat, learn, work and sleep. We are all a part of something that is bigger than we as individuals cannot really comprehend.  
  Most people appear to be running the survival mode program. Even some of those that are in positions of power that end up being greedy or corrupt are in survival mode.There is no such concept as good and evil in reality. There is only the program dictating a person’s actions. All we can do is observe those actions and apply our own human made concepts to them. 
  The program is coded into our DNA. It is there to guide us through existence. There is a point though that with enough awareness we can alter our actions and eventually rewrite the code. This takes constant practice every day. The more we learn about DNA and genetics the more we understand about how quickly the code can be altered through repetitive behavior.
  We are ultimately all responsible for the building blocks of people to come. It is the actions of this generation that write the program that we want for the future.


About Synoflex

Synoflex is a musician from Canada. Synoflex is influenced by the sounds of electronic music, hip hop, reggae, blues, rock, funk, jungle, drum n bass, house, techno, electro, and music from all over the world.
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